First Date Questions

So you’re having problems on your first dates with women. You just can’t seem to get everything right on the first date. Whether you’ve been in tons of relationships or are just starting your dating life, it’s likely that at one point you’ve experienced some difficulty going through it all. If you’re having any problems with your first dates with women, then maybe you’re just having trouble in communicating with your date.

I’ve listed on this blog a plethora of only the best and most interesting field-tested first date questions that you can use to get to know your date better.

Are these first date questions really necessary?

First of all, allow me to explain to you the importance of asking the right first date questions.

Going out on your first date with someone is almost always difficult to get a conversation going. It’s either because it’s the first time the two of you have actually met, or you still don’t know much about one another and have no idea about what topics and interests the both of you share. It’s at this point that first dates usually begin to go sour.

Imagine the two of you inside a fancy restaurant just staring at each other, eating your meals and not uttering even so much as a word. The first date is the most important part of the getting-to-know-you stage so if you don’t start talking, chances are you’ll spoil the entire date.

I’ll help you to get over that hump where you don’t have really anything at all to say to each other.

So, what are first date questions?

Basically, first date questions are questions you can ask your date to start up a great conversation. You want to break the silence, right? We all know that going out on dates, especially the first one, can be nerve-wracking and can sometimes get very awkward.

The right first date questions will help both you and your date calm down jittery nerves so that the both of you will be able to talk to each other comfortably and effortlessly. Once you start asking the right first date questions, you can then move on to other topics that both of you can relate to.

First date questions do not usually require very specific responses – they just need to be interesting and appropriate enough so you and your date can have a short discussion that tests the waters of connecting with one other. Sooner or later the both of you will be comfortable enough to discuss deeper, more personal topics with each other.

Basically, first date questions are conversation starters – something to get the ball rolling.

Why use first date questions?

Why use them at all? You can use these questions when you don’t really know the person you’re dating. By this I mean when both of you are still only new acquaintances introduced by a mutual friend, where you have no idea about what the other person is thinking.

You can also use first date questions when you don’t yet have much experience in the dating scene. If you have canned and interesting material prepared before you go on a date, then you can be sure you’ll have great starting conversations ready to use, which you can then leverage to dovetail into other topics.

This blog has many first date questions for your perusal. Also, the questions are thoroughly explained as to why and what makes each question a very good conversation starter, so that you’ll have an idea of what questions are suitable in any given situation.

Because every date is always different, with a repertoire of effective first date questions and conversation starters, you’ll always have one ready every time you go on a date.